Less than a day after reinstalling Windows, the reason I performed the reinstall is back – and the software that caused it hasn’t been installed yet.

Or rather it can’t. The reason is everytime I do a reinstall I decide to go more legit than the last time and this time round instead of running my bootlegged version of Visual Studio 2005 I downloaded the Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition, but no the installer says I need XP. Since that I have the flashing msiexec everytime I boot, access a network resource, my cd/dvd drive, etc. So now I need to do another reinstall.

At times like this I seriously consider running maybe Ubuntu, but then I remember that I play games and watch DVD’s. So I guess I need a copy of XP (I am not running Vista on my machine – how on earth Microsoft thought people would pay £200+ for an OS is beyond me).

So another ruined weekend for me…