Time. Our lives run by it and we can’t get away from it. We have chopped time up and named the slices from a billionth of a second to pauses that last billions of years. We can accurately measure one rotation of the earth, and the journey of the earth around the sun to a millionth.

So why is it, that in this interconnected world, run by clocks that are accurate enough to measure the distance light can travel over 1 metre that we can’t synchronise all the clocks in the world?

I understand that time-zones bend around national borders and not all countries run to the gregorian calendar but with blue-tooth and Wi-fi becoming commonplace why isn’t there more devices that automatically correct their time? My PC does it (but only because I wrote a script to force it to do so), but I have to set my watch to roughly the same time on the screen. My horrible LG U8380 has an option to automatically set the time and daylight saving hours but doesn’t work.

You visit the bus station and their clock is different to yours. Go from there to the train station (two places that rely on time to run services) and the time is different again. I would imagine if you went to an airport they too would have their clocks set to a different time also.

As far as I can see, and this is only back of an envelope musings, there needs to be standard (maybe as an extension to an existing one), that allows anonymous connections for purpose of retrieval of time. Maybe there is one, a quick google didn’t reveal much. Also there would need to be a push version that would allow the international jetsetting playboy to step off the plane and have his watch/phone automatically updated to the local time. GPS is a possibility as that already gives you the current time in UTC, but energy concerns (and space that an additional receiver would add) manufacturers would probably go with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

Until then I will have to perform amazing feats of mental arithmetic and manually update all my electronic devices.