I’ve recently been sorting the photo’s of the wedding out so instead of sitting through several re-telling of the same event you sit through one longer sequence but from slightly different viewpoints. I thought it would be better that way.

Unfortunately not one person had the correct time on the camera. Mostly it was about an hour out – so they can be forgiven for forgetting to adjust their camera after Daylight Savings – but some were years and months out.

So I had to first calculate the offset and then adjust each one. Fortunately there is a tool, called jhead, that helped immensely so I can adjust all in one go. It would of been easier if Picasa actually refreshed the image info when updating the thumbnails but we can’t have everything eh?

But why don’t the PC set the camera’s time when you connect to the PC? It seems pretty simple – photo’s have two massive factors: Location and Time. Location is hard to do without expensive hardware but time is simple – they already have the ability built in so why not take advantage of it?