Found my old website stored away in a dusty corner of my hard-drive.

Here’s the highlight of the posts:


Also something I have mentioned to people over the past year, but don’t know what to do about it is an Amazon book club. I don’t know about you but my Amazon wish list is huge (feel free to buy something off there for me) and doesn’t look like it is going to shrink any time soon. What the book club would do is a) make Amazon money without giving away products (more on this in a bit) and b) guarantee Amazon a higher monthly revenue stream.

Why would Amazon make money without selling product? Well take my instance. I am a voracious reader – I can read a 500 page novel in under a week if it is a good book. I also have a lot of these books I borrowed off friends in my wishlist. However there is always newer books to buy. What I would do is set up my Amazon book club for say twenty pounds a month (SO or DD), check the boxes that say “Select the products that have been on my list the longest”, “Remove products from list once they have been bought”, “Send product if possible” and then sit back and wait for the stuff to arrive. Which is fine but what about if the book(‘s)/DVD(‘s) don’t come to exactly twenty quid? Well the remainder is held over for the following month when another £20 is taken from your account. Hence Amazon get’s to shift product while getting the interest from money without actually shipping product.

You may wonder what the “Send product if possible” means. One of my longest wishlist items costs over £100 (and it is a book). That will take 5 months to get using the above example. A long time to wait. The option to send product will select the next option on the list but only that one option – no others will be selected to be shipped as well – saving money for the expensive product, and giving you something to read in the mean time.

The guaranteed revenue will be a bonus because they will know in advance what stock to order and thus become more efficient. I also feel that this feature will be popular and encourage more people to spend more money than they usually would at Amazon. I spent maybe £200 in the year at Amazon before I stopped working. About £125 of that was for myself, the rest was presents for people. Now just a £20 a month would give you £240 over a year on your own stuff – not including the presents.

Maybe they have this feature and I haven’t heard about it (I haven’t bought anything from there in the past year or so while I have been unemployed) or maybe they are currently writing the software for it.
If anyone at Amazon would like to thank me (or kind soles in general) my wish list is here.

Also if anyone at Amazon is reading then please make a section on getting the link to your own wishlist. After an hour of fruitless searching I ended up sending the wishlist to myself so I could get the link out of the email. Also I wouldn’t mind a job…