I finally gave into marketing and bought one of those 5 bladed Gillette Fusion (non Stealth) razors. I swear if they ever go any cheaper they would be giving them away with cereal. You can get them in two varieties I’ve seen. The normal variety comes with 4 free blades (normal retail price of £12), and the Stealth version comes with a 64mb memory stick (root-kit included?).

So does it give the closest shave ever? Well I must say I wasn’t too impressed to begin. I generally leave my stubble until it spills over into ‘wild man of Borneo’ look so when it comes to shaving I generally blunt a disposable (admittedly a Gillette) razor in a single go. For the price of a packet of Fusion/Stealth blades you can get 40 disposable razors. So those 8 replacement blades need to last a minimum of 5 shaves each. The Fusion is very grabby – it generally pulled my skin along with the hair – so I had to ‘hack’ at it to get it short enough so a smooth stroke could cut through it cleanly.

Once through however, I have to say it does give a very good shave – better than a disposable. 24 hours later it is still smooth and without the rough rash I usually get – though it might be because I moisturised slightly heavier than usual or something).

Question is, now you have a 5 bladed battery powered razor, where can you go from here?