Remember The Milk has launched a pro version of itself. I know that a lot of work has gone into RTM and they’ve been working on it for three years for free, but it still isn’t ready to be sold on as a complete product. In my mind there are quite a few (as I see it) glaring problems that are currently holding them back from being taken seriously as a fully fledged product.

  • Date additions don’t work.
  • Lack of task dependencies.
  • Lack of sub-lists.
  • No start date for tasks.
  • Emails don’t contain enough information.
  • Haphazard UI.
  • The price is too high: $25 per year is very expensive for a beta product. I would say they would get a lot higher response if they charged $1 per month – more than enough to make up the short-fall.

The last one is the kicker. They have to differentiate between the free and beta product. Currently it is only email support that the paid up crowd get – and they already get a good community service from the user message boards.

Now they can go two ways. Give the new features to the Pro group initially, essentially making them beta testers, and then releasing them after a period (1 year?) to the free crowd. Or not give the free users any of the new features that they’ve been screaming for for ages.

Makes me almost want to start my own…