Finally got around to checking out my network and why it is appallingly slow. Well it took me about 30 seconds to figure out but setting things aright might take a bit longer.

For reasons known only to the hardware engineers at Abit, my KX7-333R refused to accept the Belkin PCI network card (wouldn’t even post with it present). So I got a USB one instead – after the amount of faff I’ve had with them I wish I wired up the house with good old fashioned cat-5: The speed is less than stellar and it cuts out from time to time.

As with most things I procrastinated instead of doing something about but when it came down to it, it was something simple holding it back: My machine just isn’t good enough. It doesn’t have USB 2.0 so the speed is limited to less than a meg a second. Using TeraCopy, I timed my system to 680kb/sec average while copying a 700mb file from one machine to the other.

No wonder backing up my photo’s to DVD was like gouging my eyes out with a spoon.

So what can I do about it? Well I might flash the bios, but that is unlikely to grant me USB2. What it might do though is grant me the use of the PCI card which I would of liked to of used in the first place. However flashing comes with it’s own dangers. Less dangerous is upgrading the motherboard drivers. While this probably won’t allow the use of the PCI card, it might give me a meagre 1% through put across the whole system, and the usb1.1 drivers may improve stability and stop the disconnections. Maybe.

Here goes nothing…