Me and Mrs Bear has just finished our marathon sessions of watching the TV series Heroes. An enjoyable roller-coaster of plot twists and turns let down by a poor ending.

Spoiler Warning: Firstly Sylar’s ‘death’. Hiro was a short run away from him. Sylar could have easily stopped him from running him through. Better would be if Sylar flung the parking meter via telekinesis at Hiro just to have him micro-hop through it and then run him through, more exciting and believable than the invincible Sylar being beaten by a Japanese version of Comic-book guy. It was just too easy. Also you knew Sylar was going to get away – you saw him take half a clip from Parkman early in the series and survive. Being run through is a piece of cake for him. Also it opens it up for Season 2 (or Volume 2 as they are calling it).

There’s also a couple of other why’s like why in Suresh’s flat didn’t Peter lie down when Sylar caused all the glass to levitate? It was obvious he was going to locate Peter in a Die Hard fashion. Even though he didn’t lie down, why was he facing away from Sylar when the glass hit? Why didn’t he block it with telekinesis and send it back his way?

And with the second season being apparently just 9 weeks away and a 6 part “Origins” series slated for the mid-season break I am left wondering who the person is that when Molly looks for him she can’t see but he can see her…