I write this at work, while I am supposed to be working. However I can’t because the server that houses SourceSafe has crashed (again).

I’m always amazed that the software that we earn our lively hoods on is so bad and that we put up with it.

I used to work at a company that used Borland Builder 5. There was a limit that when you went passed 137 files in a project you’d get strange errors creeping in due to a linker error. We upgraded to BB6 and that retained the bug and introduced several more – the main being that opening BB5 projects in BB6 would cause BB6 to convert the files so that they were unreadable by BB5 but also would fail to compile in BB6. You had to recreate the project from scratch, but the documentation failed to mention it, but it turned out to be common knowledge on the Borland newsgroups.

I now work at a software house that uses Visual Studio 6 and will do for the forseeable future. Large projects crash at random when compiling – no error message, VS just disappears. STL is unusable and that is after 5 service packs.

We also used SourceSafe at both companies. Another bug-ridden disaster that barely got updated (4 times) in 6+ years. Deleting a file in your project doesn’t remove it on the server (fixed in VSS2005). Heaven help you if your source safe database corrupts – the tool provided by MS to fix it doesn’t work and breaks the DB even further. Sharing files between projects barely works – no detecting when files get updated.

I propose that the only reason that it did get an update is because integration of open source efforts like AnkhSVN were at a point where they are actually as good as MS inhouse efforts and were causing the Redmond gorilla to lose market share.

IE6 is a bug ridden 5 year old beast – but the entire world used it until Firefox started eroding it’s userbase. Now it is getting upgraded, but this is again due to opensource being better and highlighting its flaws.

Bugs that are part of the software should be fixed in that version – not left until the next major release.

The server’s back online, so I should get back too.