As I slowly go through the process of extricating myself from my ex-house mates house we decided to shred my hoarded bills. These are bills dating back to late 99 in some cases. Every type of bill had it’s own foolscap box and some even had two boxes. Years were grouped, sorted by date and held together with treasury tags. I was really anal about this – even bordering on OCD.

So we decided to shred everything that had any personal information on it. The first shredder was a cheap A5 shredder which was much more suited to quick bursts of small switch receipts instead of the A4 type bills. Every few sheets we had to empty the small bin that it sat upon. Managed to get about one third shredded before it refused to shred any more.

Today we got a beefier cross-shredder from Tesco (previous was a strip shredder). This came with a warning not to run the shredder for more than 2 minutes continuously, but there was an emergency cut-off in case it overheated. And so we shredded again. This was a lot more economical with space: The cross-cut wasted less space between strips and the bin was a lot bigger. This enabled it to run for longer without a break. Even if we did run it for more than two minutes the emergency cut-off will protect it from burning out the motor, wouldn’t it?

It would seem not as we are down another shredder and still have another third of the bills to go. We will attempt to get a replacement from Tesco as the cut-off didn’t protect it as it should. I tried changing the 5amp fuse for another but there wasn’t even a glimmer from the light on the unit.

Hopefully the new one will survive the remaining third and after that it can live in semi-retirement protecting us from identity-theft by shredding all our switch receipts.