It was SiLs birthday today so we went for a meal at The Seaton Lane Inn, Seaham.

Initial view as I walked in was that it was going to be a typical pub, in which I mean it was quite dark with heavily polished wood and the smell of cooking chips. However the restaurant section was bright and airy but fitted well with the rest of the pub. We had easy listening piped at a perfect volume over the top (Lemonheads & Frank Sinatra being the ones that stand out in memory).

The table was well laid out, though the bucket of ice that the champagne came in was tattooed with the Grolsch logo. Another minor fault was my dessert spoon was actually a serving spoon but not everyone had dessert so that wasn’t a problem as such.

The menu was large, heavily fish biased, though being a seaside town it is to be expected. We were given plentiful fresh bread which was replaced as needed. I had Whitby Crab Crème Fraiche Risotto with Tarragon for starters, followed by Grilled Gammon Steak with pineapple and Pease Pudding (though minus the Pease Pudding). In addition we had 3 serving dishes with new potatoes, chips, and mixed farmhouse vegetables. For dessert I had Apple Pie with Vanilla Custard washed down with a Cappuccino. The cappuccino was small and I wasn’t offered a refill, which is a pity as it was very nice.

With a picky party of 8 we pretty much tried the entire menu and no one actually complained. Mrs Bear tried mussels in a garlic sauce which she liked. SiL (or SiL’s partner) picked up the tab as a birthday treat.

  • Service: 8/10
  • Atmosphere: 7/10
  • Food: 9/10
  • Price: N/A
  • Overall: 8/10