Google recently added the ability to perform facial searches in Google Image Search. If you use my name, without quotes, you get a list of luminaries such as Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Graham Bell and well, Alexander Graham Bell. The others I’ve never heard of so that they don’t shed that much light.

Use quotes and that is another story: You’ll see I get Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake and John Peel.

The exciting thing about this technology that it does seem to get faces pretty accurately (but not the faces of the people you expect). Imagine this in Picasa, give the engine several snaps of the same person and tell it to get all photo’s of that person. It would make it a breeze to find all pics of a certain friend. You could train it Bayesian-stylee by telling it which it got right and which it got wrong.

An interesting test would be a crowd of faces and if it could recognise my 3 cats correctly.