…stop using HDNL. I have finished reading a book.  I then decide to order some more from Amazon. Since Jeff Bezos has direct access to my bank account I pay for next day delivery service (aka Prime).  So it was on early Friday morning (think 00:00) I decided to order not 1 or 2 books, but 7 (voracious).  Amazon said, that, by ordering these books they would be with me on the 16th, which is a Saturday. That would mean they would turn up at an empty workplace (making it hard for me to collect them from the depot) or I could have them delivered to my house.  So it was my house I picked.  These were duly dispatched on the Friday (think 15:00) and would be with me on the 16th, delivered by the HDNL.  I haven’t had good experience with HDNL. In the past they have failed to deliver stuff to my house and sent it back.  Said they had sent it back but had delivered it to my neighbours house when I was actually at the depot being told that it had been returned and even refused to give it to my wife because the card didn’t have a name on it and the bill she took was her mobile and was in her name, not mine (lets ignore the address is the same and shall we?). The craziest was when HDNL made 3 seperate deliveries to our work place with 3 seperate vans to deliver 3 copies of Windows 7 on the launch day.

Anyway, I work in Manchester. Therefore I will not be in during the week.  And unable to collect my books. So I have nothing to read and HDNL will probably send them back before next week end like they have done in the past and the first I will know about it is the credit note I will receive.

Please Amazon, stop using HDNL or give us the option.