We (me and Mrs Bear) recently bought a Nintendo DS each. I’ve been playing Mario Kart and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, Mrs Bear is dutifully looking after her pet Dalmation. However it is apparent that Nintendo have dropped the ball with the options: You have the online play with Mario Kart but you can’t upload/download your best times, nor can you share your ghost laps with the online community. No ladders, so there is nothing to keep you coming back for more.

One of the other games that I’ve wanted for the DS is Tetris. I’ve always enjoyed Tetris since the original Gameboy days so I gave in and bought it while out shopping the other day. But they had to go and mess with it: Seemingly you can only get a maximum of 200 lines. Why not more? Also it doesn’t feel as responsive as the Gameboy’s. Also there are some modes of play which generally don’t work but were added to give value to the price tag.