It has been a long time since I posted. Mainly due to work and a lack of excitement to write about.

I am writing this on my HTC Desire phone which less than 24 hours ago deleted all my text messages, some 6,000 in total. Most were boring ‘What time will you be home?’ type messages but some were important (pictures of my cat that passed away earlier this year, addresses, etc.).

This fault has been around since 2009 and if you do a Google search for ‘android deleted all text messages’ the amount of results are frightening. The issue on the Android issues forum has 760 (at the moment) posts complaining about this problem but it has only been given Medium priority. Part of the problem is that people don’t have the sdk installed to get the debug info once it occurs and since it seems entirely random it is nigh impossible to reproduce.

So I now have a backup plan in place (shouldn’t the message system have that to begin with?) but no way of recovering those lost memories.

I think I have been burnt too many times by Android now. Apple have had a few problems but nothing as major as deleting all a users texts and when Apple do have publicized issues the are fixed fairly quickly.