I thought briefly about getting up to watch the F1 but decided that I would record it and watch it a more humane hour.  So at 9.30 I got up, made a strong cup of coffee and sat down to watch the F1. Then, thanks to a delayed start the beeb decided to switch channels late in the race.  My Sky+ box isn’t intelligent enough to detect this so I missed the end of the race.  Never fear – that’s what the BBC iPlayer is for – making the unmissable unmissable.  So at the end of the recording I fire up my PC, head over to the iPlayer site and guess what.  They have Part1 available and the Forum – the extra hour that analyses the race and gets interviews with the drivers around the paddock – but not Part2.  And they didn’t tack it to the end of Part 1 because I checked.

They’ve had 4 hours so far to get part 2 online and even less to get the forum uploaded – yet they managed that.  Where is part 2?

Update 15:14: Part 2 is now online but not available to download – and my Sky broadband is appalling at streaming video.