For Mrs Bears birthday I was going to surprise her with a pink Nintendo DS and a copy of Nintendogs Dalmations & Friends but she was really determined to get one before then, and my powers of persuasion were failing miserably so we ended up at Toys’R’Us to get her one. In the end we left with two (one for me also) plus the following games: 42 All-Time Classics, Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, Mario Kart DS, Mind Quiz, Nintendogs: Dalmations and Star Trek: Tactical Assault.

So far Mrs Bear has been playing Nintendogs (she has a very naughty Dalmation imaginatively called Spot) and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, but just the Soduku. I’ve been playing Mario Kart DS. Will be taking it on the train tomorrow but I doubt I will get to play anyone (in the past couple of months I’ve 1 DS). That said I probably will find someone but get so distracted I end up in Newcastle. Worst still I could end up in Carlisle. Imagine trying to explain that to your boss.

We also tried the Quick Test on Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training. Apparently I’ve got a brain of an 80 year old. So has Mrs. Bear, as has BiL, SiL and NiL – but she is 82 so that is understandable.