This weekend was the running of the British 24hrs at Teesside Autodrome.  For those of you who followed the first 6 hours on Twitter (until my charge ran out) then you know we were way down the rankings at the start of the race. Our break came in the early hours of the morning when I did a couple of 1.5 hr stints and managed to push us above the surrounding competition and to the next level.  The final results still haven’t been published on the Teesside Karting website but by my calculations we ended up 50th overall and I managed to set my best lap time of 1.21.508 during my 6am stint. It’s a pity that the overall laps of everyone isn’t recorded.

The past few days have been agony for me. First I was hit by a wave of tiredness (I had very little sleep – mainly a few minutes dozing) then the following day the aches and pains kicked in followed by another wave of  tiredness (spent most of the Monday asleep). Yesterday started off painfully but by the end of the day (and several Ibuprofen/Paracetamol later) I wasn’t feeling too bad.  Today just my floating ribs hurt.

I would really like to take part in the full championship and have a competitive kart, but the hire karts aren’t too shoddy since some of the teams were putting in sub 1.20 lap times. I guess to get below the 1.21 mark I need to lose a few kilos around my middle and improve my overall fitness.