I’ve received today my replacement race suit. I just tried it on and it is still tight (especially around the crotch (cue jokes)) despite being an L.  However I was able to sit down this time.
One thing I did notice about the suit was that it had a diagram on the flap that goes across the zip around the area where the belt goes across the waist. This diagram says the suit is an L and is suitable for people of 179-185 in height and chest of 106/114.  Which I fall in the middle of – maybe I am just long of leg.
This also doesn’t match the sizing info on the demon-tweek website.  Also the sizing diagram on the website gives 2 L sizes and a single XL size. However the order form is gives L, XL and XXL options. If I was to order the larger of the two large what would I order?
This whole experience has been very depressing.  I doubt I will send it back as that will mean I have spent an extra £20 sending it back and they will have lost any profit margin that they would of made on it.