Got myself a small wireless laptop like keyboard for my htpc as a remote control doesn’t always cut it.  I’ve been using it for a better part of a week now and here are my thought’s on it.

Firstly it is a KeySonic ACK-540 RF from Amazon.  At £30 it is hard to go wrong.  So what is like?

Lets start with the good: Firstly it is plug and play, and it doesn’t come with any CD’s. In and away you go. The trackpad is sensitive. It’s light and you can easily hold it in your left hand while operating it with your right.

The bad: The trackpad could of done with a little ridge between the scrolly pad and the actual motion pad just so you know where you are. The wake up time between it going to sleep and it responding is way too long for my liking.

I can’t comment on battery life as the 4-AAA batteries have lasted a week so far.