You might notice that there appears to be lots of missing posts.

That is, and also isn’t, my fault. On Tuesday my friend sent me this rather blunt IM:

“Your website’s borked btw; WP is moaning about databases and its config file.”

So I contact my host and they told me I need to update my nameservers. That I duly did and the post from April 2nd was the last post saved. I contacted my hosts again and they told me to re-upload my database.

There’s a problem with that: I don’t have a copy of the database – I have never needed to back up my db as before this month I never really had that many posts. Besides a company specialising in hosting wouldn’t want to lose a single byte of their customers data would they? They’d have RAID-5 on their servers with daily diffs wouldn’t they?

Well they don’t exactly specify what they have on their systems but with all that kit (backup generators, UPS) you’d think they’d have RAI-5 and back-ups wouldn’t you?

Not happy about it but they say they don’t have a later version to restore from and I don’t have my own copy so I have lost essentially 1 month worth of posts. I’ve now automated daily backups but all I have done is locked the gate after the horse has bolted.

What did you miss? Well I had a reviews of Piranha! and NIN’s Year Zero. Had a rant about bus web sites using PDF for their timetables – which is useless on your mobile phone. A restaurant review, a book review, and a little bit about my Sea Monkeys.