I wrote a while back about what I thought was a Christmas decoration that played The Entertainer. Others felt that it was a Ice Cream van, but what Ice Cream van does rounds on the 23rd December?

I’ve been meaning to write that we’ve been hearing this tune now for nearly 3 months and it is looking increasingly unlikely that it is a Christmas decoration – despite knowing of two houses that still have their houses clad in decorations (fortunately they save some face by not having them active in the evenings).

We were on the way to a friend’s when we spotted an ice cream van turning into a side street. So quickly we formatted a plan to follow slowly behind. It wasn’t as tricky as it sounds as the roads were crammed with parked cars either side and travel was strictly one way.

So there we were, crawling around the lesser suburbs of Stockton, doors on the car firmly locked, stalking a ice cream van at 7:30pm in the hope that it will play it’s jingle…maybe he is on his way home and we’ll be sat looking at each other…

Fortunately when he arrived at his destination he let rip with the Entertainer and we cheered!