I preordered Windows 7 Home Premium from Amazon. These are my thoughts.

First off I thought I backed up my system. Unfortuntely I didn’t. I assumed it worked as there was a large amount of files copied and it took a long time. So I lost all my app settings.

I dropped the 64bit version into my drawer and rebooted. Selected the SSD, formatted it and installed.  It was quick compared to WinXP MCE which was on there previously.

A few problems after initial install: Sound thought it was running through SP/DIF (it isn’t), Belkin Wireless G USB wasn’t working, and there was a mysterious yellow exclamation mark. Gigabyte drivers for the mobo and onboard sound fixed the sound issue but Belkin doesn’t issue 64bit drivers it seems.  So I plugged in my Netgear WG111T usb wireless. That worked.

The WG111T caused a few blue screens. Turned out the exclamation mark was Away Mode system being 32bit. No crashes since I disabled it in BIOS.

The new interface will take some getting used to. Also where do you put your own codecs now? You used to drop them in system32 and run regsvr32.  There isn’t a system64 and everyone on the net makes stupid directories in the root for them.

Doesn’t feel any faster.  In some cases it feels slower. This is on a dual-core AM2 5300+ running at 2.7GHz with 2gb of memory. Also memory at start is 500mb.

Installation of MediaPortal was pretty straight forward if not without slight hiccups.