Just to let you know that I am back from spending 2 nights in a dingy motel on the outskirts of Newcastle!

Mrs Bear went into theatre about 2 hours after MiL did, at 2pm yesterday. They managed to remove MiL’s kidney by keyhole which was a surprise since they thought they’d have to do it via standard surgery. Mrs Bear left Recovery near midnight, but they allowed me and FiL to visit her while there just briefly. She was very pale and quite puffy. Early today, about 10am-ish, she was still pale and weak, drifting in and out of conciousness as the drugs she was being pumped full of kept her sedated. This afternoon saw a marked improvement. She was sat up in bed, chatty – moaning about the horrid hospital food – and talking to the patients/nurses. We bought her some prawn sandwiches and laters some Ploughmans which she was grateful for. MiL was quite nauseus this morning but feeling a lot better in the afternoon. Me and FiL went on a wheel chair hunt that took us what seemed like two hours to find one (though it only took 45 mins) – they are like gold dust! They had a good chat before wheeling back and we relinquished the ‘chair.

Hopefully Mrs Bear will be home later next week!