One of Google‘s plethora of useful tools that are making it as extensions to Firefox is Google Notebook. It’s exceptionally useful though it does come with a pointless “Open Notebook” text next to the icon in the status bar. It’s not needed so it has to go. Also if your status bar was a mess like mine you will need the Organise Status Bar extension.

This is written from a Windows perspective so you might need to change some points in your religion of choice:

  1. Close Firefox.
  2. In your Profile, go into extensions\\chrome\chromeFiles\locale\<your locale> back up the two files that are there (google-gnotes.dtd and the
  3. Open them in the editor of your choice (notepad works fine).
  4. On the lines that say openNotebook make sure that there are nothing in the quotes or after the equals sign.
  5. Then remove the key in the gnotes.accessKey. If you leave it in you get a solitary letter next to the icon.

It’s not quite perfect as you have a small space to the right of the icon, but at least there is no ugly text. Hopefully for future versions this hack will not be needed. I might look into this at a later date, but for now it suits me fine.

Also, as an aside, it is interesting to note that the extension works on any page. It would be nice if the GoogleTalk functionality of the GoogleMail page was extended to do the same.