I have my other computer up and running and a lot more reliably than before. It wasn’t a hard drive related issue (though it still might be – booting to Windows still takes the best part of 3 minutes). The problem was that my machine would sometimes fail to POST, as in it doesn’t show anything on screen. So what could be the problem? It must be something I have added to the machine, and the only thing I added was the new network card. I could understand if it never booted up once – while it would be a major pain I could understand: The machine is old (KX-333R) and it always was a bit twitchy (the RAID is just being used as JBOD and has seemed to be what slowed the machine down so badly. Detach the disks and you will get a snappy system again).

So I can’t use the network card in the machine, but fortunately Belkin make a USB version. That would have to work or else I go back to trailing cables across the room (something I really wanted rid of). So we bought one and it works! The software is a bit old – even though the USB is very similar to the PCI version the software for the USB version looks about 10 years old – but it works.

I will hold onto the PCI card so when I finally get around to upgrading I can put the more discrete card in.