My employer of nearly 3 months is slowly moving to VB.NET. However a lot of their ‘legacy’ apps still need to be maintained and extended to support new methods, etc.

This involves VB6 and VBA.  I was always in the position that VB6 was a mickey-mouse program for throwaway apps but not really suitable for real dev work – I was an elitist C++ programmer basically.

My view has shifted – you can really write large enterprise class apps in VB6. But one thing I can’t seem to shake off is the contempt the people who wrote VB6 IDE had for their users. Having used VC6 for a number of years you get used to certain things: Like if you start editing a file that isn’t checked out it will ask you if you want to start editing and then when checked out your caret is where you want it to be.

Not in VB6.  You are informed that the file is locked.  So you then have to right click on the file and manually check it out.  But now the file closes itself and reopens with you looking at the top of the file.

Should I mention the 255 control limit? Who picked that as a number? (As an aside why is Excel 2003 limited to 1026 rows? Why 1026 and not 1024? Is that a typo?)

“Out of memory error”. I have 4gb in my machine.  Why am I out of memory and why does that stop you from saving my last 15 minutes of careful debugging work?  Why must you lose my break points?

And the mouse wheel doesn’t work.

This isn’t to say VC6 was all roses – far from it – but it makes you wonder if the VB6 team actually a) used it for anything b) gave a damn.