Once again we found ourselves in Whitby – this time with mummy bear in tow – so once again we visited Whitby’s finest Fish & Chip shop: Robertson’s of Whitby.

You could say that this review is biased as they are now friends of the family, but it is not for that reason that we go back there time and time again.

The relationship between the Bears and the Robertsons goes back to before the Bears had met. Mrs Bear was going to have a party in Whitby and was scheduled to have it at Trenchers. Unfortunately, two weeks before the party, Trenchers was no more: It had been gutted by fire. So they had to reorganise the party and of all the restaurants that they tried (and turned them away) it was Robertsons that stepped up to the plate (no pun intended, but once noticed, let stand) and hosted nearly 100 people at very short notice, closing the restaurant for the evening.

This must be the 7th or 8th time I’ve eaten there and never had a bad chip once. I’ve nearly always eaten the traditional Fish and Chips having once had the huge battered sausage, while Mrs Bear usually has the Spring Rolls with Chips.  Even though my portion was listed as Medium Cod it is the size of most places Large. This isn’t just special service for us as I have had the large cod and that sticks out over the sides of the plate. The 3 spring rolls are large and (judging by the speed that Mrs Bear ate them) very nice.

Another recommendation comes from a friend who ate there with us a month or so ago: They had the ham salad and was shocked at the size of it and the amount of ham that was served. In the end she had her partner eat what she couldn’t (which he did gratefully).

Definitely worth a visit and at least you won’t be waiting for an hour and half outside the Magpie Cafe.