Recently I had some trouble with an Amazon Reseller. I’m not a big fan of resellers in general and this didn’t help matters much.

They were advertising Richard Burns Rally (PC) £2.48 and at that price you can’t go wrong. However it wasn’t Amazon that was selling it, it was a reseller. So I ordered it and got charged £1.99 for P&P. Still less than a fiver so it was good going. Undid the wrapping and guess what – it was the PS2 version. I had that moment of doubt – the time I added it, all the times I looked at it in my wishlist – did I never notice I had placed an order for the PS2 version? Quickly I checked my wishlist, yes that said PC. Checked the invoice that Amazon sent me – that said PC. Only when the Reseller (who will remain nameless as that is advertising) got hold of it did they change it from PC to PS2.

So I contacted them and they were quite quick to respond. Send it back and they would reimburse me for it but they couldn’t provide a replacement since they don’t have any PC versions in stock (so why advertise that they did?). I also asked if they would reimburse the cost of sending, they said they would if I told them how much and I said since they charged me £1.99 P&P I would do the same.

Couple of days later I checked and they hadn’t reimbursed me the return postage but had reimbursed me for the original amount and p&p. A snooty email was sent again and a day later a letter arrived in the post with 4 stamps in it.

That was just after Christmas.

Fast forward to today: I went to my wishlist and checked to see if there were any items on special offer (always one for a bargain:-). I did my normal routine: Show unpurchased, order by cheapest, Go. There in bold were the names of the resellers. So I change it to the condensed view and there they were again. Now I could see what percentage of items would come from resellers. In my list of 88 items I have a mix of CD’s, DVD’s, Books and Games. As of lunchtime 38 items were being sold by resellers – that is a whopping 43% of the items I want to order won’t be from Amazon. But at least now I can see who I am buying from and avoid them unless I feel it is a really good deal.

Still no way of setting it so it only shows items from Amazon, or better an option to only show resellers when Amazon has none in stock.