In an attempt to create cross-browser support for S:GTC I thought that learning jQuery would help in making the map work in more than IE6. So instead of getting frustrated at the abysmal PHP code I have to work with I decided to sit down with jQuery and de-stress.

Or so I thought.

I did what anyone does: Skim read the documentation and immeadiately attempt something they have already done in another language. The project I attempt was the map viewer I created in GWT which was based upon the one in Pragmatic Ajax. The Pragmatic Ajax code was simple in it’s design, but refused to work in FF if you enabled any DocType. My GWT version worked with any DocType (admittedly I only tried with XHTML 1.0 Trans, but it should of worked with any of the HTML 4.01 DocTypes.) and also supported scroll wheel zooming to boot.

So with something to aim towards, progress should of been quick. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan. I scaled back. That didn’t work so I read the docs closely. I then scaled back even further. I now have the same code as the docs. Still it doesn’t work.

Gah.  I feel like giving up and stacking shelves for a living.  Why doesn’t it work!?!