I’m just trying a walk through for eclipse which is a little over a year old. I am running Ganymede, the tutorial is for Europa.

The gentleman who wrote this has screenshots for nearly every step of the way. Nearly 95% of the images are now out of date. The steps he takes are no longer available – you can only click finish where he clicks next, etc.

Now I thank the gentleman for his time, but I am really frustrated by the lack of support. There is nowhere to turn to help and the actual documentation is out of date (where is the mythical Modify button in Java Facets?). The continuous change is probably good if you are in the middle of it and regularly update – it would be more of an evolutionary change as new screens are added or taken away, but when you try and step into the thick of it…it is a painful experiences.

Also seems that update for the JEE is broken – everytime I auto-update eclipse refuses to start.

So I am forced, reluctantely to delete the current install of Eclipse and go back to the Europa release, just to follow along with the tutorials. However, there are still differences – notably in the JPA section of the tutorials…