Okay first it is a 65.5mb download and requires 200mb of space. For a piece of software that plays music and video. Even this day and age of bloat, that is a tad excessive.

I have a large music collection on a different machine – it is a slow connection (see previous post) and I told iTunes where it was – now my machine is unusable while it indexed the 2000 tracks in that folder – and I have another two folders to go. You can’t minimize iTunes while this is going on due to the modal dialog, you can’t inform it of other locations that you want indexing. But it doesn’t stop there, once the modal dialog box finally buggers off and you tell it of the next folder you want indexing it has started on a “gapless playback” and now your machine really crawls as it tries to do two things at once. My fault for having a slow network? Maybe that is part of it, but I can set the folders up in Winamp and have it index at the same time and Winamp is a fraction of the size and I would hazard that Apple can afford to hire better programmers.

When you first index your music iTunes claims it is getting album art automatically. Cool – that’s neat. However I have this other folder to index, you can get the art later. So you index the album, let the gapless playback work out its stuff and then select all and then tell it to ‘Get Album art’. No can do – you need to be signed in. What? You didn’t need that a few minutes ago why now?

Now comes the really insiduous part of it. Okay lets’ create an account, and this is what I really don’t agree with. Why does Apple need to know my house address, what I do for a living, and my telephone number? And I am never going to buy stuff at the Apple Store so I don’t want to give you my credit card details but I can’t sign in without handing over my details. So I did a google search for a way and now I definitely don’t want to hand over my credit card details.

Fortunately I found a tutorial on YouTube that details how to get an account without handing over those details.

Update: I’ve now got my account by the above method. Something I didn’t mention was that I indexed my collection with a wired connection, but the wired couldn’t stay as it was laying directly across the living room, so I am back to my slow-ass wireless. Whether this is what is affecting the album art updating and causes it to crash out about the 1200th cover (which happens to be where my compilation albums exist). Perhaps crash was a bad word, how about hang, or just stop. Whatever. The point is it hasn’t finished the albums and there doesn’t seem to be a way of kickstarting it.

Not only that the only way of getting it restarted is to shut down iTunes. This brings up a dialog box telling you that you are get the album art and whether you are sure you want to stop this. Naturally you click yes and as iTunes shuts down a dialog flashes up for the briefest of seconds – looks like one of those ‘Do not show this dialog again’ boxes. But does it get all my albums? No. And the albums it get are pretty varied. Missed The Chemical Brothers, but did get Blutengel.

Final thing: The iPod has an update available a 57.8mb download. What?! It’s a software update!