I’ve been checking everything on my network for what seems like the 1000th time. I even bought another no-brand (net-lynx) network controller that supposedly does 54g.  Anything to get above the poxy 11mbps that I am barely achieving. Here’s the rundown of items that is currently powering my Network:

  • Net-Lynx WP61R2 PCI
  • Netgear WG111T 108Mbps Wireless USB2.0 Adapter
  • Netgear WGT624T v3 108mbps Wireless Firewall Router

I also have the following from my previous incarnation of my network:

  • Belkin Wireless G+ Desktop Card x2
  • Belkin High-Speed Mode Wireless G USB Network Adapter
  • Belkin Wireless G Plus
  • Generic VIA based USB2.0 PCI add-in PCI card.

The problem with my previous network was that original PCI card wouldn’t work in my HTPC, and also being built in 2002 it doesn’t support USB2.0 which limits my transfer severely. So I bought the USB2.0 add-in card. But that didn’t fix my problem.

So I replaced them.  And guess what?  It still doesn’t work. I’ve gone through the entire network:

  • The WGT624T is set to run in ‘g mode’ only, not ‘b only’, ‘Auto 108Mbps’ or ‘g and b’.
  • The USB add-in card is detected as Enhanced which means it is running as high-speed USB2.0 – therefore any attached 2.0 devices should run as 2.0 right?
  • The Netgear WG111T doesn’t give you any configuration options that pertain to the speed it runs at but looking at the Networking tab of the Task Manager it lists its link speed as 108Mbps.
  • The WP61R2 PCI card gives a few options in Configure and they are set to 54g where applicable. The options I don’t understand I haven’t touched. Task manager lists its link speed as 54Mbps.

It still doesn’t work. For the timing I have been using RaccoonWorks SpeedTest.

So if any network guru’s wander across my site please give me a clue what I am missing!!