My network is holding Mrs Bear back. Or rather is holding me back. I bought my wife an iPod for Christmas. So being the geek about the house I installed iTunes (65mb for a music player?) and set it away indexing all 57gb of music we have (two diverse music collections at 256kbs).

That doesn’t seem to bad when I say it outloud. It’s when you start digging it becomes a bit sad. 57gb across a network. Okay that increases the time a bit but across a T100 connection…Nope. Wireless.  Okay a 54g connection will be slower but…Nope. The machine that hosts all the music is ancient. No USB2.0 ports, adding a USB 2.0 card failed as well.  We are running at 1.5mb a second tops. 57gb at 1.5mb/ps.

I really need to upgrade.