I have to say it (at the risk of upsetting my parents) but this was probably one of the best Christmas’s, if not the best Christmas, I have ever had. A day late to wish everyone the same but no time to post yesterday.

There is no way of listing all the presents I got – a lot were for both me and lou for our new house and are currently residing in the lounge (which is now filled to overflowing with stuff).

One of the best games I got was the big bag of tantrix tiles – I am looking forward to honing my skills at home and then challenging the best online. All my times for the first 10 were well under par and if they published the par times for 11 and 12 I think they would of been too. However the following 3 took me about 20 minutes each and were especially frustrating as I managed to get the basic loop sorted in less than a minute each time. I called it quits for the evening after completing level 15 (half way mark on discovery) and it was a good thing too – the power cut out less than an hour afterwards.

Fortunately I had bought my girlfriend the wind-up torch from Boots and my sister-in-law had bought us an AA-powered torch for our new house. So it wasn’t long before the house was lit with candles and we were snuggled up in bed together.