I just surfed over to Amazon.co.uk to start my Christmas purchases and guess what? Their website is borked. But not in a nothing works (though I have got a few 404 when looking at PC3200 RAM for my machine), but in the fact that links from Amazon.co.uk link to the .com with the dollar listings.

Now I don’t know whether they will ship from the UK or whether they will ship it out from the States. They know where I live – I’m logged in for crying out loud – they should be able to redirect me to the correct page.

Which while I’m on the subject of Amazon, when I click on an Amazon recommendation from a blogger who happens to be outside the UK, why don’t they take me to the UK version of the page so I can actually easily add it to my wishlist instead of adding it to a new American one?

In the last 12 months their service has repeatedly gone Americanized and as I result haven’t purchased from there – if I go to Borders I may be paying a couple of extra quid for the bricks and mortar but at least I know where the books is coming from.