Everyone knows the tune of “the Entertainer“, it’s a catchy little tune but you can have too much of a good thing.

The case in point: At the weekend I was painting the ceiling in the bedroom of the house me and my fiance have purchased. It needs a lot or work before we can move in. As well as the painting we were taking delivery of stuff for the house – so I was in and out the house, with the windows open to let out the paint fumes. I first heard it around 10am. My first thought was that it was an ice-cream van – but at 10am on a frosty December morning? Then I heard it intermittently all throughout the day until I went back to my fiances parents home around 4:30pm.

The next day I heard it again. This time I wasn’t at my house, but around a friends about 2 miles from our purchased home. This time the audio was a lot closer and you could tell the direction it was coming from and it was coming from towards our house!

Now you can surmise two things from this:

  1. A person/people has/have a motion activated Christmas decoration that plays the Entertainer, and has/have set the volume to 11.
  2. That person/people has/have no taste.

I said to my fiance “I would hate to be their neighbours” but she pointed out that since we can hear it, they are our neighbours.