I went away for the better part of the week I had off.  What happened? Well about an hour before I left I failed my driving test due to a corgi running out in front of me in the Southbank area of Middlesbrough.

Mr Bear, Mrs Bear and Mummy Bear visited London while it was only an hour’s trip away. Went on the London Eye (very impressive ticket system), walked around the Dali Universe, then the London Aquarium and then took Mummy Bear to Cyberdog in Camden which I think she actually enjoyed.

Been working through the huge backlog of email and blog posts that have accumalated while I’ve been sans computer. I also went away just before Google Chrome was released – using it to write this post. Very impressive – be a real threat to Mozilla when they get the plugin’s ramped up. However I don’t like the fact that it installs itself into Documents and Settings instead of Program Files.

Tonight I am having a curry with friends but my actual birthday party is in October because not everyone can get together on any weekend before that!