Yesterday I was transferring a lot of files from one nearly full drive to a completely empty one. However it started to go pair shaped when I accidently tried deleting two mounted drives that had started to be copied – it was moaning of lack of space, etc. I tried to delete the mounts – they are only folders right – but alas, windows is stupider than that – it started to remove the files off the drive and I had use shift-delete too. I hit cancel as fast as my brain could take me but I had lost 108gb of files in approximately 2 seconds (or 348 files).

Now back in the day of DOS 6.2 you had a handy utility called undelete. Now you can get undelete tools, but they are abysmally slow. Also unreliable. Between me deleting the files and me undeleting them, nothing had touched the drive, all the pieces of the file should be there, right? Appears not. I used Undelete Plus first but that sat there and did nothing for about 15 minutes after I clicked ‘Start Undelete’ until I got bored and then tried RCI Undelete. This seemingly actually found all the files but only restored a large fraction (308) of them which is annoying to say the least. Also it’s time estimation is borked – it reckoned, right up to the moment it had finished, that there was over 7 million minutes left.

Why did it try to delete everything in the mount? Why couldn’t it find all the files? Why I am still pissed off at myself 18 hours later?