It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted properly. Does that mean I’ve been doing nothing? Not at all!

First I had a week off with Mrs Bear: Spent a weekend in Londinium visiting the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Millennium Dome, a day shopping in Edinburgh and a night out clubbing in Leeds.

With my lovely new monitor I’ve been playing the original HalfLife. Fantastic game. It is suprising that after all these years since I last played it I still remember all the little tricks that Valve put in.

But it’s not all fun, fun, fun. Been listening to the Stack Overflow podcasts which while have been running for a few weeks I’ve only just got around to listening to. Well worth it to see how a project grows. Certainly put me back in the mood to work on Galaxy a bit more, and to revisit OpenID again.

Loosely on the subject of Stack Overflow, Jeff Atwood – he of Coding Horror fame – blogged about building an efficient HTPC. My HTPC is loosely made up of bits that I had lying around. Eventually I decided to get rid of my PII-450 and get something a bit beefier. I plumped for a KX-333R with a AMD TBird 1.5 (which means it runs at 1.4GHz. It has 1gig of RAM, 5 HDD’s (one of which is a paltry 10gb), 1 DVD.  Jeff’s is dual core, all integrated jobby runs at a paltry 43watts. Using my EcoHamster (similar to Jeff’s Kill A Watt) I get a surprising 140 watts at idle, and during boot it ran to a massive 190.5. So if you need an excuse to upgrade this is it: Your old PC is killing the environment – upgrade and save leccy at the same time!