I’ve got a lot of PDF’s and they are getting out of control. So I’ve decided to do something about it. First I hit google (note the lowercase g) and didn’t get very far – the range of programs are very naff. Then I hit meta-filter and got a lot more results. From there I learnt there is a lot of programs that do exactly what I want, look stylish and some are even free, but unfortunately they are all written for the Mac, except one that doesn’t do what I want (it does it all online I want it offline).

All I want is a program that you can point at a directory and that will plow through them and list your PDF’s. It can make guesses at content by keyword and the list the abstract (if it has one of course) and allow me to tag it. For instance, does the PDF book Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# belong in Unit Testing folder, the C# folder or the Pragmatic Bookshelf folder? It doesn’t it belongs in all three.

Half tempted to halt on my current crop of projects (Galaxy, Missile Command, Lock-Free Lists and a Deque implementation) and try at writing one that stores all the PDF’s in MySQL and you can ‘download’ them to open them via Foxit or open them directly in your browser.

Apparently iTunes does what I want it to, but I don’t want to install a music program to organize my PDF’s – it doesn’t seem right…