The witty(?) play on words are back. I’ve replaced the shite Belkin Wireless G Plus router with a Netgear WGT624 router which is currently on special offer at PCWorld for a measly £49.99 with a free USB 2.0 adaptor.

Simply put: It hasn’t crashed. Unfortunately I did hit the bug if you try and put a legal character in title of a routing (I think it is the underscore) it wouldn’t show the entry in the table, which prevents you from editing the entry and nor would the routing work. Which meant resetting to factory defaults. Checking the forums seems it is a common fault and they (Netgear) seem unable or unwilling to fix it. Since then I’ve been stuck at 54mbps (currently registers 48mbps) and my router isn’t showing up in the list of available networks (but then again neither is any other).

The Netgear USB adaptor isn’t as good as the Belkin adaptor. The Belkin has green LED which flashes when it is transmitting data – easy to see when it has disconnected because the light stops flickering. The Netgear one has a bright blue LED which pulses rhythmically whether it is transmitting or not, but since the network has been rock solid so far this isn’t too big a deal. The speed is also similar – not broken 1.5Mb a second so I believe it has something to do with my system (an ageing 1.5GHz TBird acting as my media centre).

I will try the spare 54mbps D-Link at some point but I would like to get back to the 108mbps I had when I first installed it.

Answers on a post card…