Note: Should of posted this over a week ago but got sidetracked when trying to get WordPress to upload pictures.

I now have a house!! (Well me and my fiance have a house.)

This weekend, with the help of my mother-, father- & brother- in-law to be, we stripped the bedroom, living room and kitchen out, removed all the skirting boards from the aforementioned rooms and hallway (thanks Rich!).

One of the things we had to do was defrost and clean the freezer. Now the person we bought the house off was an old person and couldn’t bend down, so everything was at waist height. That meant she couldn’t use the freezer compartment of the fridge-freezer and couldn’t use the oven part of the oven/cooker. So when we came to clear the fridge out we were horrified to see that the entire freezer section was ice. I don’t mean just the frozen section – the whole lot. I took a photo of one of the trays we managed to get out after 24 hours of defrosting/hacking at it with a pick.

Tip: If you are defrosting the freezer (and you should regularly for efficiency) you will need someway of keeping the water contained. If you are a pharmacist you can get hold of chemo-mats which will soak up anything or you can get puppy training mats which are 2′ square nappy-like material which soaks up water brilliantly too. Also you get a lot in a pack so they will keep for the next few times you will defrost your fridge.