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Object of desire

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This post and the one that came previously, were written on my HTC Desire. The WordPress app will allow me to write posts as and when they occur to me instead of what happens now which is they occur to me but are forgotten as I am not near a keyboard at the time. A […]


KeySonic escaped!

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One of the most used keys on my htpc keyboard is the escape key. It’s there, easy to find in the dark and is generally handy to wake the keyboard when it is slumbering. Unfortunately it seems I have to find a new key as the escape key escaped and one of the three clips […]


C++ and Maven sitting in a tree

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…but they definitely were not K-I-S-S-I-N-G. In fact they weren’t even holding hands. As a test at work for a new project I was asked to look at using Maven, which is currently being used to great effect by the Java programmers, with C++. A new project has arisen that requires proof that there is […]