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Resize a VirtualPC disk

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My 10GB disk on my VirtualPC was nearly full to overflowing so I went looking on how to resize the virtual disk. There’s a free product that does this for you, but to quote an old song “I waved that thing all over the place, my boomrang won’t come back”. In fact I was using […]


Windows 7 Thoughts

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I preordered Windows 7 Home Premium from Amazon. These are my thoughts. First off I thought I backed up my system. Unfortuntely I didn’t. I assumed it worked as there was a large amount of files copied and it took a long time. So I lost all my app settings. I dropped the 64bit version […]


More Updates

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MiL is now home: Been told to take it easy for a couple of weeks but I think she will start cooking before the end of the week. All lines have been removed from Mrs Bear which is good. However she is now in some discomfort, in no small part due to the amount of […]


Operation Update

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Just to let you know that I am back from spending 2 nights in a dingy motel on the outskirts of Newcastle! Mrs Bear went into theatre about 2 hours after MiL did, at 2pm yesterday. They managed to remove MiL’s kidney by keyhole which was a surprise since they thought they’d have to do […]