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Using Source Control: My Way

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It’s been a while since I started this. Sorry for the delay. Source Control is pretty easy to use when used correctly and consistently. If you start to do odd things, then it starts to twist your mind. First up, you have a repository. This is object you are working with and where your files […]



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Finally got my HTPC up and running with all hard drives working after much frustration. I will be adding to this as I get further in. Pro’s: HDMI out – no more S-Connect! Cheap! Lot’s of modern stuff (12 USB sockets!) Cons: For some reason the PATA-IDE converters I bought to bring my hdd’s worked, […]


Eclipse Mini-Rant

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I’m just trying a walk through for eclipse which is a little over a year old. I am running Ganymede, the tutorial is for Europa. The gentleman who wrote this has screenshots for nearly every step of the way. Nearly 95% of the images are now out of date. The steps he takes are no […]