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Total failure

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I failed my driving test again. This time it was entirely my fault. Problem I have now is I need to retake my theory as it ran out today, and new laws are being introduced soon that will make passing the driving test even harder. However this close to Christmas and my honeymoon coming up […]



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NOTE: I found this in my drafts folder, from a long, long time ago, it’s a little dated but I will let it stand as some of the points are still valid. At work I’ve inherited several legacy projects, one large with several smaller ones that support it. Making changes is pretty dangerous – I’ve […]


More on Multiple Repositories in Windows

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Last time we spoke I left you with two repositories and waiting to put data into them. So let’s get on with that, then. In a temporary directory create your ferrari and bugatti folders here, and in them create the standard Trunk, Tags, and Branches (TTB). Now switch into the two directories and run svn […]