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Houston, the eagle has landed

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Me and my fiance moved into our new home this weekend, which will save the to-ing and fro-ing from mine to hers all the time. Lots of stuff in boxes and not enough room to put it all. Once we get everything finalised we should be able to sort everything. Hopefully will get some pallet […]


Looking for work

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Was informed today that as my project is coming to its end that I will no longer be kept on at my current employers despite me hoping that they will. The parting is amicable and they have given me a copy of the system that I will hopefully have up and running on my home […]


Amazon Resellers

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Recently I had some trouble with an Amazon Reseller. I’m not a big fan of resellers in general and this didn’t help matters much. They were advertising Richard Burns Rally (PC) £2.48 and at that price you can’t go wrong. However it wasn’t Amazon that was selling it, it was a reseller. So I ordered […]