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Did you remember the milk?

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Recently (in the past couple of weeks) I’ve started using Remember The Milk as I have been seeing it on and off on LifeHacker. I went at it zealously at first (as I usually do with these things) and imported all my tasks from work and home. However now the rosy blush has ended and […]


Ringing the changes

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Been merging code bases at work, from several forks to one. I was hoping to get this done after we install TFS but my boss wants it done before we do our final check in to PVCS 5.3, which is his prerogative. It falls to me, however, to perform the merge, and I am doing […]


Looking for work

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Was informed today that as my project is coming to its end that I will no longer be kept on at my current employers despite me hoping that they will. The parting is amicable and they have given me a copy of the system that I will hopefully have up and running on my home […]


A Welcome Update?

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Microsoft has finally updated Internet Explorer and with it the way it treats items it views suspiciously – in particular my ActiveX control I am working on. This update not only affects IE7 but also IE6 which I have running side-by-side on my system. What makes this update note-worthy? If you set the Security Options […]